What people are saying

“I am honored to know Ilan Geva. He is a true mentor when it comes to communications, branding, and advertising. His vast knowledge, so many years of global experience, working with such a top range of global brands, is mostly respected, and serves as the best example to everyone who wishes to have a career in this business. Ilan’s approach is always open, collaborative, warm, and most pleasant. I’m sure that the University of Chicago-Graham School is blessed to have him as teacher.”

July 12, 2009, itai, founder-manager, Memphis brand consulting

“I attended Ilan’s Branding Your Company and Client class at University of Chicago. Ilan is an impressive speaker and great teacher. The marketing cases he presented were always perfectly chosen and relevant. He shared with the class his vast professional experience from the biggest ad agencies. His communication of marketing theories was concise and compelling. I was impressed by his standard of professional conduct. Last, but definitely not least, Ilan is truly passionate about the topics he speaks about.”

March 23, 2009, Magdalena, Student, University of Chicago

“Ilan teaches in our Integrated Marketing program and brings fresh insights, challenging engagement, and market-tested authority to the classroom. He demands a lot from the students, and inspires them to think. They respond with higher-quality performance and walk away with new knowledge and fresh skills.”

March 19, 2009, Steven, Associate Dean for Business and Professional Programs, University of Chicago, Graham School

“I had the privilege to have had Ilan as the instructor for my Branding Class for the Integrated Marketing Communication Certificate program at the University of Chicago. For me, the branding class was one of my most anticipated and important classes. There were other professors teaching this course but Ilan came very recommended to me as someone who not only knew how to position a company but did so in a refreshing and knowledgeable way. From the instruction in the class to the real world examples that he had worked on to the course books that he recommended, he delivered a fantastic education in branding that I use whenever I am evaluating how to best conceptualize and execute a successful branding strategy. I still refer to the notes from his class whenever I need to create a brand audit or character guide and I would not hesitate to contact Ilan if I needed his input. I would highly recommend Ilan if you want to best understand how to make your brand come to life.”

December 16, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative , Jim, Student U. of C.

“Ilan and I taught as team-instructors at The University of Chicago’s Graham School. The students and I depended on Ilan to give them the sharpest and most current thinking on branding from the perspective of a creative agency, while I provided the client perspective. Based on my observations and the excellent feedback from the students, Ilan truly succeeded. In fact, Ilan was given an award from the student body in recognition of his contribution to their education.”

December 15, 2008, Allen, Owner, The Legend Group, LLC

“I had the wonderful opportunity to have taken Ilan’s Branding class at the Graham School this past winter. Ilan was a great professor and managed to incorporate work and professional experiences as well as management theory to provide a good overview in this field. He challenged his students to think about branding aspects in the corporate world today. I would recommend his class to any marketing student. Ilan also was able to provide me with great advice and mentorship as I developed an interest in entering the field of brand management. I am certain that Ilan will continue to serve as a great mentor and teacher to many more students and marketing professionals in the future.”

December 15, 2008, Celine, Consultant, BearingPoint

“Ilan invited me several years ago to give presentations to his branding class at the University of Chicago. He now has invited me to co-teach that same class and that has given me more opportunities to work with him. Ilan combines two qualities seldom found together: 1. He is a good listener and 2. He has opinions, which he articulates clearly. The combination of the two makes him one of the more pleasant ‘brand gurus’ I have met and worked with. I also had an opportunity to read his new client marketing questionnaire, which he uses to better understand and evaluate the needs of a potential new client. I found his questionnaire to be very thorough and well designed. The work of a true, experienced professional.”

December 13, 2008 Jacques, Founding Partner, JP Group (Founded as JRC&A)

“I had the pleasure of meeting Ilan during my graduate certification at the University of Chicago. I have since stayed in touch with Ilan as not only was he an excellent professor but also has become one of my mentors in the advertising industry. Ilan shares my passion for the business as well as international travel and constant learning. He is a respected figure both nationally and internationally in the field of advertising and someone people in our industry admired and attempt to follow in his footsteps.”

December 13, 2008, Sigrid, Student, University of Chicago

Hi Ilan, Your branding class was one of the highlights of my IMC experience at DePaul. To develop a focused message for my job search I developed a mini brand document for myself .It has helped me create consistent messaging throughout all my materials. Additionally, I’ve developed a blog, to showcase recent accomplishments and insight.

Best, Carol

Dear Ilan, I just wanted to take a few minutes to say Thank You. You have made such a positive impact on my personal and professional career while I attended DePaul. Thank you for your help and support during my studies. I just wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated. You may recall that I was in that very interesting group a few quarters ago where we had much “in-fighting” within the group. The Starbucks presentation! Well I survived that and did graduate this past weekend with my MAAPS Degree.

Kindest Regards, Mike

Hi ilan, Hope this mail finds you in pink of your health. I was in your Branding class of 2011 at Chicago. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement to conduct an internal company presentation based on final assignment you had given. You critical feedback about contents my final presentation & about commoditization of the consulting businesses was very helpful. I modified the presentation based on that feedback and I presented it internally. To my surprise it was well received and now I am part of task group who work in marketing area and now focusing on generating differentiation that is possible. It’s quite fulfilling to work on a real life issues and applying what is learned. Thank you for motivating to take up tough presentation job and eventually leading me to have quite satisfying work.

Regards, Omit

It is with utmost confidence and great pleasure that I send you this reference regarding Ilan Geva. Ilan has spoken at several of the conferences produced by the In-Store Marketing Institute ( www.instoremarketer.org). Due to his high ratings received from audience members, Ilan was named a faculty member of our Institute. His presentations are always fresh, engaging and thought provoking. He takes time to develop each presentation to ensure he provides the appropriate content for the audience, and it is new and different every time. Ilan’s delivery style is relaxed and professional from his many years as an educator and business leader. He has tremendous knowledge and vast experience in design, in-store marketing, branding and retailing, and this comes through in his delivery. If you have any questions, or if I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Ronit Lawlor Director of Education, Faculty Administration In-Store Marketing Institute