Branding-The way it should be done

Success and failure come in all sizes. Whether you’re a corporate giant or a smaller mission-driven organization, you compete in the same cluttered, confusing marketplace. You need to get your brand noticed, differentiate it from others, and make it relevant to make it grow.
Do you dream about growing stronger or bigger? Do you imagine you can achieve more, expand your mission or accomplish it more effectively? We can help determine if your dream is really possible, and show you how to turn it into reality.

Whether your organization and your budgets are larger or smaller, strategy, branding, and marketing communications shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, but an investment. To make your brand work harder, even harder than your competitors, you need to invest and find a partner who can help bring experience, energy, and creativity to the effort.

Can you do better? Most organizations can. We bring years of experience working with both multinational and local brands to help clients do just that—by seeing things differently, bringing them new ideas, helping them make their brands stronger inside and out.


We’ve worked for large agencies, Ogilvy, Burnett, and Frankel, created and directed the work of numerous Fortune 100 clients and mission-driven organizations.

We’re experienced in branding, marketing communications, and creativity—and we know that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Ad agencies come with baggage, bigger overhead, and greater costs. But their most senior people may not be the ones working on your account.

We do. We work directly with our clients to understand and build their brands from the inside and from the ground up. We’re involved in the planning and execution of competitive market research, brand positioning, concept development, and campaign management.

The well being of your business over the long term is directly related to the strength of your brand and the consistency of its presentation in all brand touchpoints. Every contact with the brand must reinforce its meaning and reinvigorate its relationship with customers, constituencies, and other stakeholders.

Branding – The way it should be done
Rebranding – Repositioning

As a family owned and operated business since 1981, Buona Beef was a dormant brand, not showing growth or future trends. It was also a very confusing brand for consumers, with an Italian name and heritage (more).

Branding – The way it should be done
Destination Branding/Marketing

(Turismo de Lisboa) Lisbon is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and most unknown. We were approached by the LCB in 2007 to increase the brand awareness of the city in the U.S., and increase the number of Meetings (more).

Branding – The way it should be done
Corporate Turnaround

As a global architecture firm, Murphy/Jahn needed to reposition, update and reintroduce the firm to the world, with its new internal partners, attitude and reinvigorated commitment (more).

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